Students find inner voice in Concert Choir


Ethan Jones, Staff Writer

Singing. Would you think about being graded on it? In Concert Choir that is exactly what happens.

Concert Choir is an elective course that can help aspiring singers find their inner voice, build up and control their vocal range, how to match pitch, and improve as singers.

Concert Choir is open to grades 9 through 12, said music teacher Ms. Janice Lee is like a normal class, we take tests and exams, but it’s all fun.

The Concert Choir performs all over the Stroudsburg area. For examples, at Musicfest, Holiday concerts, and host concerts in March and May. They are also responsible for the music for Moving Up Day, a Stroudsburg High School tradition.

Concert Choir is a great opportunity, said senior Madison Junck. it’s a place where you can be who you want to be and sing. If you have a passion for singing than you should join the choir.

If students want to express themselves and grow as singers, they should consider enrolling in this unique class.