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Favorite Books Featured: Shade Me, by Jennifer Brown

Favorite Books Featured: Shade Me, by Jennifer Brown

Shade Me

Author: Jennifer Brown

Reviewer: Sydney Runkel (senior)

Genre: Mystery

Shade Me is the story of a girl born with rare synesthesia, who becomes unwittingly entangled in the mystery of an attack on a classmate and involved with a boy who may be a suspect.

This murder mystery is full of plot twists and romance.

The book collides the “normal” world we all see and Nikki’s confusing, colorful world into an interesting story about a teen’s fascination to find a murderer and expose a prostitution business in the process. The plot twists keep you interested until the end. There’s death, martial arts, colors, mystery, romance, and a teen trying to work through a confusing life.

This is not your average happy love story, so hold on to your seats for an exciting and captivating ride!

                       Book 1: Shade Me  Book 2: Dare You Book 3: Break Us

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