Student voices her opinion on foreign affairs issue

Michelle Brodsky, Junior

Dear Editor,

Any student with at least a modicum of interest in either history or politics has undoubtedly heard about the polemical Syrian refugee crisis which has overtaken our fragile government. Upon first glance, it appears that these aforementioned Syrians are impoverished, underprivileged and in desperate need of any aid that they can receive. While this is indeed true, both American progressives and opportunistic Republicans ignore the incredible risks that such a foreign policy would pose on our national security and domestic well being.

Liberal sympathizers are under the impression that America has a duty to allow the millions of Syrian refugees into our country and accept them with welcoming arms. While this seems like a benevolent idea, the risks that these Syrians pose to our country outweigh the probative value of the situation.

Currently, there are 49,933 homeless veterans all of whom were willing to sacrifice their lives for the principles on which America stands. The audacity that our government must have to put our financial resources toward helping Syrians instead of veterans is appalling. America is now considering spending one billion dollars in order to assist the Syrian refugees, money that could be used to help the brave men and women to whom we owe this simply courtesy.

The media has recently turned Republican candidates such as Donald Trump into selfish bigots who wish to put every Muslim to death by some kind of torturous method, but this is just another example of the mediaai??i??s ability to twist and manipulate peopleai??i??s words. Nobody is insinuating that all Muslims are terrorists, but statistics have showcased that most terrorists are indeed Muslim, a fact which our foreign policy should be very weary of.

Across the globe, there are a multitude of terrorist attacks occurring on a daily basis-orchestrated by whom you might ask-by Islamists doing their horrid deeds in the name of Allah and more importantly, in the name of Islam. While this does not represent mainstream Islam, accepting Syrian refugees is comparable to grabbing a handful of M&Ms out of a bowl in which 10% are known to be poisonous-the risk is not worth the satisfaction you might receive, is it?

Americans need to refrain from being overly sympathetic because while sympathy is an important attribute to possess, prioritizing and being cautious of potentially fatal situations is just as important.

Michelle Brodsky