Students should show more hallway etiquette

Erica Molinaro

Dear Editor,

Ai?? Navigating through high school can be a challenge. Navigating through the hallways should not be. General courtesies should be observed in order to keep a clear path for those of us who would like to arrive to our destinations on time.

In kindergarten, our teachers taught us to always walk on the right side of the hall, but somehow, as we got older, that got lost in translation. Scurrying through the halls to get to class is a lot harder when colliding with fellow classmates head on. A sudden tussle where you can’t decide where to turn wastes another minute, out of four, to get to your next class. And now, youai??i??re late.

Another huge problem in the halls of Stroudsburg High, is PDA. Couples locking hands and making moves, preventing me from moving along to my next class. Seeing as people canai??i??t possibly wait the 42 minutes to see their significant other. Ai??Ideally, I would like to arrive to class without witnessing a Nicholas Sparks movie scene every 10 steps.

Erica Molinaro