Walking to school should be eliminated

Melodi Cakir

Dear Editor,

The whole concept of students having to walk to school should be eliminated. It doesn’t matter how close a student lives to the school, the cold weather makes it very easy for students to get sick and miss school as well as the risk of getting hit by cars. Most buses pass the students houses and/or bus stop on the way to school anyway and they wouldn’t even need to change their route. Therefore there would be noAi??need to waste any gas.

Students that walk to school are not always provided with sidewalks, which is a reason for buses to pick them up as it is. They leave their homes when it is still dark out which makes it harder for drivers to see them. Even if they do have sidewalks, accidents are still bound to happen.

During the winter most of the 2 hour delays we get are because of the buses not being able to go to the higher areas of Stroudsburg, and the risk of black ice. But when it’s cold out, nobody’s first thought is not ai???Let’s give a 2 hour delay so the students that walk can be a little warmer.ai??? When they do go out and walk to school with temperatures being below freezing they have a higher chance of catching a cold. When this happens they miss school and get held back on their education. Some students live so close to the school that the buses will not pick them up. Since the buses are on a route to the school and pass the student’s stop, they should still offer them a ride.

Administration and transportation need to get together and talk about how they can make the roads safer for those of us that are walking to school. As of right now students are not seen by drivers, which can lead to many things including death and they risk missing school if they get sick from the below freezing temperatures.

Melodi Cakir