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Meet Freshman QB, Jackson Mitchell

Jiles Hernandez

Meet Freshman QB, Jackson Mitchell

By: The Mountaineer Staff


The Mountaineer’s won their Homecoming game last week with a dominating performance over William Allen. With a score of 42-0, Stroudsburg matched their season high in points. At 5-4, the Mounties have their eyes on a winning record and the post-season.


As with any successful season, it takes a team effort every week. One key contributor to the team has come from an underclassmen stepping up. 

The Mountaineer caught up with the starting quarterback to learn a few things about him: Meet Freshman QB, Jackson Mitchell. 


Mountaineer: How long have you been playing organized football?

JM: I have been playing tackle football since 7th grade and flag since I was 5 (years old).


Mountaineer: Were you always a quarterback?

JM: I played running back and receiver in flag football; In tackle, I started off at safety and quarterback but now only play quarterback.

Mountaineer: What’s your favorite color?

JM: Red.

Mountaineer: When I was a kid there was a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins by the name of Zach Thomas that I idealized. He played the game with tenacity, intelligence and passion that I was drawn to. Do you look up to any players like that?

JM: I love both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. How they stayed in the pocket and read defenses and made the defenses pay more with their minds not their arm strength. But they also used their arms to make ridiculous throws.

Mountaineer: Follow-up question, is Brady why you wear number 12?

JM: Well as a freshman there’s only so many options but that is why 12 stuck out to me, yeah.

Mountaineer: What is your goal for the rest of the season? 

JM: My goal for the rest of the season is to win every last regular season game.

Mountaineer: What’s your favorite animal? 

JM: A cheetah.

Mountaineer: How far can you throw it? 

JM: The farthest was in the summer I hit 61 yards with the high school ball.

Mountaineer: Do you have any interests in other sports?

JM: Yes, I also play basketball and I’m going to throw javelin, too, in the spring.

Mountaineer: What’s your favorite condiment? 

JM: Ketchup.

Mountaineer: Is there anyone in particular you feel helped get you ready for High School Football?

JM: I feel my dad did because of the opportunities he gave me ever since I was two years old, taking me to varsity and college games. I was even a ballboy at 4 till last year and I think that helped me understand the game so much better.

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