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Come see the 2023 Freshman Float!


The freshman float was one of the four floats produced this year by the grade participants at a competition held at Stroudsburg High School. This year’s theme was Cartoon Network, and the floats were taken to the High School for judging. The judging took place Friday, October 20, after the Homecoming Parade.

Meet Lori Verrella:

Mrs. Verella, the supervisor for the float, works as a paraprofessional (a person who helps with math) and the freshmen advisor. She believes that the freshmen participating did their part and were active with the float. She told me in an interview that her favorite part of the float was, “putting up the scenes on the trailer (viewing it all together for the first time) and recording the skit”. She also said she was most proud of the skit.

The Creation of the Freshman Float:

Freshmen participating in float activities all had their own opinions on the process of float making, but they all agreed that it was a fun experience working on the float with their fellow freshmen. Freshman Anna Karataseva said, “The float was something I wanted to do and now that I had the opportunity to join this and be a part of this, I feel accomplished. When I got to work on the backdrop with the people who were working on it, it was such a fun time. We got to laugh, dance, and sing, it was a blast”. This opened up opportunities to make new friends and test their creativity. All participants played an active role and stepped up when they needed to. There were, however, issues with focus.

What were the float themes?

The category for this year’s theme was Cartoon Network. The freshmen chose the show Total Drama Island as their float theme. Sophomores chose Looney Tunes; Juniors chose Teen Titans Go!;  and seniors decorated their floats based on Scooby Doo.

The results of the float competition?

After hours and days spent perfecting and improving all four of the floats and performances, it all came down to details, decorations and performance skill. The Freshmen failed to make the top spot in the competition, instead they finished in fourth place. The seniors emerged victorious and claimed first place. The Juniors were able to secure third place, while the sophomores placed second.


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