Crocs Still Flourish at Stroudsburg High


Audrey Razak, Journalism 1

The Stroudsburg Field Hockey team has single-handedly turned Crocs into a fashion staple within the school. One question remains, however: how did it catch on?

A trend is a social process in which style or ai???tasteai??i?? changes. It has a lot to do with sociology and psychology. Trends are able to be studied and predicted. It requires an understanding of how groups affect each other.

Trends originate from groups of people, or an influential individual called trendsetters. Trendsetters are a distinct group in society because of their personality. They crave change. They are very open-minded and are intrigued by new, innovative styles. Normally, theyai??i??re the first to take on new ideas.

Many trendsetters are artists, designers, the young demographic, and wealthy individuals. Naturally, a high school full of young adults should be the ideal place for flourishing trendsetters.

Stroudsburg High School is known to have many trendy individuals, although the Croc movement in this school particularly can be traced back to the field hockey girls.

It all started with a field hockey mini-tournament. A group within the team branched off to form a temporary mini-team for the tournament. Members included Kelsey Stewart, Emily Manda, Julianna Sweeney, Morgan Dempsey, and Lizzy and Bridget Cunningham.

ai???We chose to wear pink jerseys and we thought it would be funny to all get matching pink Crocs,ai??? says Dempsey. And thus, the birth of the Croc trend.

The team feels a sense of unity when wearing their Crocs together. They wear them away on their meets, and the trend started to spread over onto other field hockey teams.

Crocs have become the field hockey trademark, and has since spread to other students outside the team.

ai???I literally wear them every day with every outfit,ai??? says ToniAnne Zito, sophomore field hockey manager. Crocs come in many different colors, and are easy to color coordinate, according to Zito.

Inevitably, there are people who arenai??i??t fans.

ai???Theyai??i??re ugly and unfashionable,ai??? says Nadia Ahmed, a junior. She is the only field hockey team member who has not yet succumb to the movement.

The rest of the country also seems to be anti-Crocs.

ai???People were staring me down as I walked down the streets!ai??? Maddie Regenye, grade 10, shared about her recent trip to New Orleans. ai???The only close-toed shoes I brought were Crocs for the flight and apparently Crocs arenai??i??t popular

However the general population feels about Crocs, nothing can stop their popularity. Crocs have a unique place in American culture: theyai??i??re convenient, colorful, and a fashion controversy.