ESL student from Venezuela appreciates experience at SHS

ESL student from Venezuela appreciates experience at SHS

AJ Sarmiento

Sometimes, people donai??i??t understand how difficult it is for someone who comes from another country to adapt himself to a new society. As an ESL student, the opportunity to see how every person takes to this new adaptation in a different way is actually pretty easy to notice. Feeling homesick sometimes is one of the most problematic things for anyone whoai??i??s away from family. However, spending some time with people from different parts of the world is an unexplainable experience which makes you feel like having a second family.

There is not a specific place to find amazing people, because they are found worldwide, and ESL class is a very good example of it. ESL is a special program where students share or deal somehow with the same kind of challenges, which sometimes is good and other times is even a little overwhelming. However, this program does not only teach how to speak a language (in this case English) or how to write using appropriate grammar; it teaches that there are a lot of different ways to succeed.

Having the opportunity to know a little bit more about each member of this program is great, because it gives the chance to see the potential that each one of us has and how it can be used to contribute to this and many other societies. After all, by seeing more than just our skin color or the language we speak, it is easier to understand every one of us and see that inside, there are more similarities to share than differences.

I am honestly really grateful forAi??having the opportunity ofAi??being part of a suchAi??of great programAi??as ESL.