Junior High Cross Country Wraps Up Season — Check out the fabulous photo gallery!


The Stroudsburg Junior High School cross country team just wrapped up a successful season. Approximately 140 students competed in each race. The students were split into two teams: Team Chicken and Team Egg.

Mr. Matt Sobrinski and Mr. Chris Hedgelon coached this season’s team. Ai??Both coaches felt the season was a great success. They attributed this to lots of support from teachers and varsity cross country runners.

“This is a huge program.” said Sobrinski, Ai??”We could not have done it without the support of numerous teachers and varsity cross country members. Ai??We literally had 20 -25 volunteers helping out on the race course. Ai??They deserve a huge thank you.”

Hedgelon was impressed with the runners. Ai??”Coach Sobrinski and I are still in awe at how hard these kids worked. Ai??They were nothing short of amazing.”

Here is the list of the top 15 finishers of the final race.


  1. Ai??Ciara Conboy, 2. Emily Irlbeck, 3. Hannah Persaud, 4. Amanda Duke, 5. Juliana Sanchez, 6. Ashley Montesi, 7. Libby Nordmark, 8. Jayden Paradis, 9. Gabriella Liguori, 10. Maddy Gasper, 11. Ruby Khalyat, 12. Julia Gallo, 13. Claire Weitzmann, 14. Amelia Ossman, 15. Emma Garver.


  1. Adam Deemer, 2. Brayden Graham, 3. Willie Marina, 4. Zack Orsargos, 5. Nico Solak, 6. CJ Marina, 7. Luke Bebbe, 8. Kentrell Whittingham, 9. Daniel Cilli, 10. Ayden Hatten, 11. Connor Savage, 12. Mark Radick, 13. Nick Bodon, 14. Jullian Sparks, 15. Jason Ye.

The Awards:

MVP: Adam Deemer, Coach’s Award: Brayden Graham, Rookie of the year: Zack Orsargos, Most Approved: Sam Howenstine

MVP: Ciara Conboy, Coach’s Award: Hannah Persaud, Rookie of the year: Amanda Duke, Most Approved: Victoria Robles


The Junior High new course record for the girls was set by Ciara Conboy at a time of 9:39,Ai??and Adam Deemer set the boys record with a time of 9:11!

Check out the fabulous photo gallery below! Ai??Photos by Kristen Dougher and Lily Sobrinski