Amaya Caraballo- Ode to Coffee

Amaya Caraballo- Ode to Coffee

O sweet coffee,
I adore thee,
Providing me energy for tough days,
I pray we never have to partways.
The fragrant scent of roasted beans
Fills the air and floods the nose
The promise caffeine means
A final waking from that morning school doze.
Without you Iai??i??d be useless,
Lethargic and sedated
Cant imagine life without being caffeinated.
Body warmer than the caribbean
And the great cape,
When I drink you
It feels like a complete escape.
A little cream, some sugar please
Not to much
Iai??i??m already sweet enough.
Perfect color, that coconut tan
Without you I’d probably be in some different land
I pause before the first sip
To savor the growing elan
First sip of warming delight spreads
Now sharpening synapses
A better high than any meds.
I will admit drinking it straight can be gross
But at least itai??i??s better than being comatose
You pick me up when things go down,
Thanks to you I wonai??i??t be looking like a clown.
O sweet coffee,
Youai??i??re sweeter than the fresh wind
Coming from the west,
From all the drinks known to man
I love you the best.

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