About The Mountaineer

The Mountaineer is Stroudsburg High School’s award-winning newspaper. Founded in 1914 as the Maroon and White, the paper was revived and renamed the Mountaineer in 1928 and remained in print until it was brought into the digital age in 2014.

Today, in 2019, the Mountaineer boasts over 1,000 published articles with a wide variety of topics covered. Some of the greatest features of this site are the scholarship section, the student spotlights, and the constantly-created stories.

The Mountaineer has also won multiple Best of SNO badges, including Continuous Coverage, Story Page Excellence, Excellence in Writing, and Audience Engagement. As a developing online newspaper, the Mountaineer is working on more.

This school newspaper may be found on social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @SHSMountaineer.

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About The Mountaineer