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Tuesday, November 10: 7:15 AM Announcements- ALL STUDENTS REMOTE Cycle Day 1 Student Day 50 HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY
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Film: The debate over CGI and practical effects
Gabe Guida, Staff Writer • October 28, 2020

Computer-generated imagery, better known as CGI, has changed movies forever and will continue to change them as long as films are made. From...

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Photo by Alanna Christman. Sophomore Amaya Cruz is writing in her journal to release excess anxiety.
Anxiety affects teens in a variety of ways
Alanna Christman, Staff Writer • August 13, 2020

Anxiety is a state of apprehension, worry, and concern all at the same time. There are places and situations where a little anxiety can be a...

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Freshman Mari Wendt conducts her morning routine, starting with reading her favorite book for twenty minutes.
Students find structure, self-discipline helpful during quarantine
Alanna Christman, Editor-in-Chief • May 4, 2020

The student is sitting on her warm, crimson bed sheets, staring up at the ceiling, fully knowing that today will be another day wasted. She looks...

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Are rock stars doomed to die young?
Are rock stars doomed to die young?
Gabe Guida, Staff Writer • April 18, 2020

"I'll die before I'm 25, and when I do I'll have lived the way I wanted to." - Sid Vicious, bassist for the Sex Pistols, who died at 21 years...

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SHS Senior Olivia Heyward opens up the popular social media app "TikTok" on her phone.
TikTok is having a major impact on today's world
Tyler Stone, Staff Writer • March 13, 2020

TikTok, TikTok. It's just a matter of time before this app takes over the world. TikTok, originally known as, is a video-sharing...

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Official SAT study guide workbook.
Colleges and universities go test-optional for the fall of 2021
Isabel Rivera, Staff Writer • November 20, 2020

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, many colleges have elected to be SAT and ACT test-optional for the beginning of the 2021-22 school year.   Many...

"An investment in education gives the best returns." - Benjamin Franklin
SHS guidance department sets up virtual college visits for students
Alexander Canongo, Staff Writer • November 12, 2020

How are college visits working this year? Through a screen, of course. During this era of social distancing, universities have turned to technology...

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SHS seniors: Read these helpful tips on filling out college applications
Kevin Clark, Staff Writer • November 11, 2020

If you are a senior and are looking for some tips on applying for college you have come to the right place. Applying can be very stressful and...

SHS senior promotes activism through poetry workshop
SHS senior promotes activism through poetry workshop
Madison Hentze, Staff Writer • November 6, 2020

In this day and age, there are so many groups of young student activists around the world trying to make a difference in their communities. At...

Communication: School counselors urge students to check emails and join Google Classroom
Communication: School counselors urge students to check emails and join Google Classroom
Ronald Wang, Staff Writer • November 3, 2020

During this historical school year, SHS school counselors face challenges as they attempt to communicate with students. Counselors try to tackle...

New chess coach ready to destroy the board
Justin De Leon December 2, 2020

Check mate! Stroudsburg has a new chess coach in town. Mr. Connor Chalfant, former chess player and current...

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2019-2020 SHS TSA members at the Regional conference held at the Junior High this past January.
SHS's Technology Student Association (TSA) determined to win medals at competitions
Alexander Canongo, Staff Writer • October 28, 2020

TSA (Technology Student Association) is an organization that allows students nationwide to get together...

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Photo by Mehrin Hossain

Viewing Key Club website
SHS clubs find creative ways to operate during a pandemic
Mehrin Hossain, Staff Writer • October 15, 2020

There are over 40 active clubs at Stroudsburg High School.  Clearly, organizations play a huge role...

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This video is about some tips the Stroudsburg High School guidance office has for the Senior class to help them out with the College process. If you need...

November 12, 2020

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Diversity clubs on the rise at SHS
Diversity clubs on the rise at SHS
November 6, 2020

Featuring NAACP Future Leaders Club Advisor and Mission Statement
NAACP Future Leaders Club created at SHS
Mehrin Hossain, Staff Writer • November 6, 2020

NAACP stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. At SHS, a new club has formed, which has a similar focus:...

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