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Stroudsburg High Schools promotional Flyer for the King of Hearts dance.
SENIORS! Prepare for King of Hearts and senior superlative voting
Luka Konklin, Editor-In-Chief • January 26, 2024

As the King of Heart's Dance draws near, take a look at the senior superlative and prepare to vote for your KOH nominees on Monday during homeroom! The...

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If you need tutoring, please join the Google Classroom so we can match you up with someone to help you. (Logo credit: NHS)
NHS Peer Tutoring
Luka Konklin, Editor-In-Chief • November 20, 2023

If you need tutoring, please join the Google Classroom so we can match you up with someone to help you. Please fill out the Google Form on Google...

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Poetry Out Loud Contest gives out a prize of $20,000 to the winner! (Logo credit: Poetry Out Loud)
Poetry Out Loud Contest
Luka Konklin, Editor-In-Chief • November 16, 2023

Check out Poetry Out Loud, see Ms. Griswold, room C125 to get more information.

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Denzel Key, 12, at the free throw line during Stroudsburgs 58-41 win over Dieruff on December 22nd, 2023. 
Photo taken by Danielle Ramstine.
Stroudsburg one win away from State Tournament
Jaden Harper, Staff Writer • February 29, 2024

Stroudsburg fell to Parkland High School, 50-38, in the District 11 semifinals Wednesday night at William Allen High School in Allentown, PA. Micaiah 'Meeks' Brown, 12,...

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Anna Kirby poses for a picture after beating her second record of the season.
Anna Kirby breaks a second school record for the season
Georgie English, Staff writer • February 27, 2024

  Then, just last week, Kirby broke another record at The Last Chance swim meet on Saturday, Feb. 17, "Kirby break school record".  Kirby set the record for...

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Jacob Bajek, 11, takes on competitors at EPC competition on February 8th, 2024.
Chess team rallies at 2024 EPC Competition
Jaden Harper, Staff Writer • February 26, 2024

The Stroudsburg chess team sent its varsity roster to the Chess Eastern Pennslyvania Conference (EPC) competition on Thursday, Feb. 8. The team's varsity roster consists of...

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The influence of Korean pop outside of Korea

K-pop and it’s increase in popularity.
Andrew Polanco Then
K-pop is listened to globally by people of many different cultures and ethnicity.

Do you listen to Korean pop?

Even if you think not, you may unknowingly have! What you may not have known is that Cupid by FIFTY FIFTY and Seven by Jungkook fall into the genre of Korean pop (K-pop). Songs like these and other K-pop songs have been on the rise. The genre has blown up in popularity outside of Korea in the past couple of years.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) and StrayKids are two groups that performed at the 2023 MTV Music Awards. This was the second time a K-pop group was invited to perform after BTS. This appearance was a vital moment for the integration of Korean music into mainstream American pop culture.

Ms. Shelby Bentler, SJHS math teacher and ardent K-pop listener, says, “I do think K-pop is more accepted than a year ago. A lot more K-pop artists are creating songs in English, so it is becoming more common to hear them on the radio or in a store.” 

K-pop has even gained the recognition of retail brands, one of which is Crocs. On October 3, 2023, AESPA X Crocs Stomp Lined Clog hit the shelves. 

Different luxury brands have been selecting K-pop idols as ambassadors and collaborators for their companies. In 2020, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, EXO’s Kai, and soloist IU had major collaborations with Gucci. Other brands such as CELINE, Chanel, and Dior have collaborated with Korean pop artists.

One of the biggest accomplishments for the genre was when the popular boy group BTS visited the White House. In May of 2022, BTS was invited to the White House to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes, Asian inclusion, and diversity. 

These are only a few of the many achievements that the K-pop industry has made for itself. In the past few years, the K-pop industry has emerged beyond Korea by infiltrating American pop culture and music which has sparked fascination.  Just think, next time you see K-pop, you are witnessing an expansion of cultural acceptance.

It feels like I’m seeing it everywhere now.

— Noelani Gonzalez, 10

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