Mountaineer Newscast 3/13/15

Tommy Rubino

Tommy Rubino, Staff Writer

The winners for the “stroudsburg in a sentence” contest have been selected, here they are along with their tweets!


Shane RamdeoAi??ai???@S_RamdeoAi??

Potholes, potholes everywhere… #mountaineer13


Kevin BergenAi??ai???@loladin18Junior class denied government bailout, Chuck-E-Cheese on the horizon #Mountaineer13

John FabianAi??ai???@JohnFab97Ai??

Stroudsburg: Not country enough to be redneck, but not urban enough to be ghetto. #mountaineer13



“Sign up to dance! Sign up to dance” #mountaineer13


Dylan William JamesAi??ai???@ThyBroskyAi??

The first thing I do when I get home from school is fill my bath tub with marinara sauce and pretend I’m a meatball #mountaineer13