Check out the winning pet photos!

Nylah Safforld, Staff Writer

April 11 was National Pet Day! So, in honor of that day, the Mountaineer newspaper held a pet photo contest. It was a huge success with over 100 featured pet photos. The winners were picked by categories consisting of cutest, most handsome/beautiful, best cut-line, best dressed and funniest. The winners areAi??as follows:

  • Funniest: Student — Joseph Zaso and Emily GarbarinoAi??
  • Cutest — Ai??Mrs. Hakim and Mrs. Austin
  • Most Handsome — Emilia Kaufman andAi??Ashley Abreu
  • Most Beautiful — Emily GeorgiaAi??and Ms. West
  • Best Dressed — Julia Woods and Amaya Caraballo
  • Best Cutline/Description — Ai??Lena Morella and Sidney Lang

Thank you to everyone that sent in a pet photo. Although not every photo could receive a prize, they were all amazing! Be sure to look at the 100+ pet photos. out the amazing photo gallery of the winners.