Junior high cross country ends successful season- See photo gallery below!


Jonathan Valderrama, Staff Writer

The Junior High Cross Country season came to a close last week.

The final race closed with The Dashing Cats being victorious in the boys’ race and The Stealthy Mice winning the girls’ race.

In the third race of the season, eighth grader Ciara Conboy set a new girls’course record, finishing in 9 minutes and 33 seconds (9:33).

Both teams worked hard throughout the season, and it was evident in the last race. Many runners ran their best times, despite the hot, humid conditions.

“I love it. I love how supportive everyone is of each other and how all the kids give it their all,” said junior Kristen Dougher, SHS cross country runner and junior high volunteer. “I love talking to all the runners and hearing what they think of the program. It’s a great and fun program.”

With the support from coaches Mr. Matt Sobrinski and Mr. Chris Hedgelon, the volunteer adults, and volunteer varsity runners, the season was truly memorable experience for the junior high runners.

Below are the Top 15 finishers in the Championship Race.

Girls: Boys:

1. Ciara Conboy (10:11) 1. Nathan Reish (9:46)

2. Amanda Duke (10:46) 2. Ben Sweeney (10:15)

3. Madison Anderson (11:11) 3. Kentral Whittingham (10:18)

4. Juliana Sanchez (11:42) 4. Jason Ye (10:23)

5. Alexa Pantinople (12:03)  5. Nick Bodon (10:30)

6. Melissa Rakus (12:03) 6. Tyler Cusumano (10:31),

7. Emma Garver (12:15) 7. Nick Patrick (10:36)

8. Dana Persaud (12:16)  8. Alfred Kumi-Atiemo (10:54)

9. Libby Nordmark (12:37) 9. Jalan Fitt (11:00)

10. Paraskevi Briegel (12:41) 10. Taha Vahanvaty (11:04)

11. Claire Weitzmann (12:44)11. Carter Rimland (11:04)

12. Amelia Ossman (12:48) 12. Connor Kearns (11:09)

13. Julianne Bone (12:56) 13. Jack Francis (11:17)

14. Lauren Deemer (13:04)14. Jacob Mohring (11:22)

15. Giavanna Maioriello (13:08) 15. Mattew O’Connor (11:30)



MVP: Ciara Conboy and Kentrell Whittingham

Rookie of the year: Madison Anderson and Nathan Reish

Coach’s Award: Amenya Jean and Nick Bodon