Mini-THON shatters $85,000 goal: surpasses $100,000!


Hello everyone,

The Stroudsburg Mini-THON team is proud to announce a 2017 fundraising campaign total of $100,292.80.

Thank you all for the help and support during this year’s campaign.

Stroudsburg Mini-THON is developed and run by our students. They and the participants in this yearai??i??s event deserve special recognition as they embody the virtues of charity and sacrifice. The students of Stroudsburg willingly gave their time and comfort to stand for those that canai??i??t.Ai?? These young people are a testament to the strength of our school and our community.

The students that run the event are listed below. Thank you for helping them get to where they are now. It’s your teaching, guidance, and mentorship that got them where they are today. They were able to rise to the occasion and do an amazing job planning and running a smooth event. While we always hope to make our fundraising goal, we are most proud of having had the pleasure to work with young people that are willing to do something that reaches beyond themselves and affects the lives of those that they do not know.Ai?? The students listed below began planning our 12-hour overnight event one year ago and deserve the highest commendation for their effort.


Overall Chairs:

Michelle Joyce

Kelsey DeSchriver

Jasmine Dey



Hamed Jabri

Abigail Thornton


Public Relations Chairs:

Adam Pembleton

Audrey Razak


Event Coordination Chairs:

Chris Vo

Hannah Boback


Event Fundraising Chairs:

Madi Stewart

Mardan Daurilas

Lina Chung


Corporate Fundraising Chairs:

Brycen Butz

Keyanna Safforld

Emily Eufemio

Rachael Bucci


Nourishment Chairs:

Brian McCauley

Jaida Fenn


Technology Chairs:

Caleb Secor

Morgan Dempsey

Lasha Basadzishvili


Security Chairs:

Allana Powlette

Shaquille Mitchell



Colleen Hughes

Charlie Goehl

Warren Watson


Video Chair:

Taylor Flanagan



Nyana Barro

Christian Beebe



Kassandra Krase

Jessica Jones

Sydney Jones

Taher Soliman

Alyssa Chambers

Ethan Balcik

Marissa Izykowicz

Emily Garbarino

Joey Cimino

Jacob Schimpf

We would like to thank Haltermanai??i??s Toyota Scion for being our major sponsor, the Sherman Theater for providing the stage, sound, and many of the lights, Michael A. Eufemio Jr. M.D. Urology Associates of the Poconos, Dreher Insurance Agency, Victaulic, and Pocono Medical Center for helping to make the event possible.

We would also like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for the following people who made this event work.

Amanda Nicholson, Jessica Zugel, Erin Hiscott, Lisa Meneval, and Abby Wilson, as well as the entire Hamilton staff for developing Hamilton Mini-THON.

Matt Haggerty for being the 9th grade faculty liaison and organizing many events of his own to support the cause.

Principals Jeff Sodl, Tom Burke, Christine Chester, and George Angelopolous for providing their support here at the High School, and Principal Ryan Cron for his continued support at the Jr. High School.

Steve Hlushack for providing the support of the Activities office, and Debbi Albert and Anne Meringolo for helping our students navigate the year-long process.

Dr. Curry and the central administration team for their amazing support for our ever-growing event.

Pat McGeehan, Terry Eilber and Joe Curran for their patience, knowledge, and assistance.

The security team in our district, that provides extensive help throughout the night.

Our nurses for the night Kassie Eufemio, Michelle Williams, and Jillian Haubrich.

All of our dedicated staff members who believe in the event that helped by donating their time, food items, or in anyway. Special thanks to the all-night crew, many of whom stayed on their feet all night as well. You know who you are, and you make all the difference.

Ilene Austin whoai??i??s been planning for a year for the enormous and overwhelming process of providing food and drinks throughout the night. And special thanks to all of the wonderful folks that helped in the kitchen.

Joey Fantozzi for delivering an inspirational speech at 6:30 in the morning, keeping the kids going.

All of those that provided entertainment and encouragement throughout the night.

The over 600 dancers that participated. Several raised over $1,000 for the event. All of them sacrificed their comfort for a greater cause that night.

The students that developed this yearai??i??s event, all of whom are special young men and women. They were led by Overall Chairs Jasmine Dey, Kelsey DeSchriver, and Michelle Joyce.

The entire Stroudsburg community. We mean this sincerely: without you all supporting us, we’d be nowhere. Sincerely, from the entire Mini-THON team, thank you for everything that you do and that you continue to do for our school community and our students.

Thank you all,

The Stroudsburg Mini-THON team

Cover photo by Julianna Pugliese

Photo gallery to Julianna Pugliese and Audrey Razak