Six juniors to graduate early with the Class of 2017


From left to right: Tiffany Growhowski, Jasmine Ippich, Daniella Wali, and Ellaa Abouelmagd. Missing is Jaynaba Kane and Kassandra Krase.

Sam Imber, Staff Writer

As the class of 2017 prepares to leave SHS behind once and for all, joining them are six juniors who are just as eager to embark on their new journeys. These students took charge of their education and are finishing their high school careers in just three short years. Juniors-turned-seniors Kassandra Krase, Tiffany Grohowski, Jaynaba Kane, Daniella Wali, Jasmine Ippich, and Ellaa Abouelmagd will be graduating on June 16 with the rest of the Class of 2017.

ai???I wanted to graduate early because I wanted to get a head start on college,ai??? said Ms. Abouelmagd, who will be attending East Stroudsburg University with plans to transfer to a different university in the near future. ai???Itai??i??s a great opportunity if you have a plan and are going to work Abouelmagd says sheai??i??ll miss her friends in the Class of 2018, but wonai??i??t miss having to go through another year of high school.

ai???In all honesty, what made me want to graduate early was just being ready for the next step in life,ai??? said Ms. Grohowski. ai???High school is amazing for a little while, but we all grow up and move on, so I guess that just happened a year Grohowski will be attending Salisbury University, in Maryland, to study education, music, and finance. She was involved in extracurriculars such as FBLA and Marching Band, and will miss having one last year of involvement.

ai???The number of years it takes to become a surgeon made me want to get an early start,ai??? said Ms. Krase, who will be majoring in Biology on a pre-med track at East Stroudsburg University. ai???As long as you inform your guidance counselor of your plans, they will make sure you meet [the requirements].ai???

ai???With the help of my amazing guidance counselor, we were able to set up my schedule so I would gain enough said Grohowski when discussing the process she went through the expedite her high school career.

In order to graduate, students must meet a certain number of requirements in different areas of study in order to have enough credits. Most students arrange their schedules on a track to graduate in four years. However, some students can set up their classes in such a way to meet all their graduation requirements early.

ai???I took an extra course every year in each subject so that I met the minimum requirements,ai??? said Ms. Kane, who will be majoring in computer engineering at New York University this fall. ai???I’ll definitely miss the class of 2018 since I grew up with them, but since I knew I’d graduate early since the eighth grade, I’m excited as much as I am

ai???It wasnai??i??t difficult for me since I was already ahead in math and science; I only had to double up in gym this year, and took two English [classes] last year,ai??? said Krase regarding how she was able to graduate early.

While graduating early may be the perfect path for some students, itai??i??s definitely not for everyone. Ms. Wali, who will be attending East Stroudsburg University, tells about the pros and cons of receiving her diploma early.

ai???Iai??i??m as nervous as anybody else, but not because Iai??i??m leaving early. All I had to do was take an extra math and English credit,ai??? said Wali. ai???Just make sure itai??i??s really what you want to do before you make that decision. And donai??i??t start slacking because youai??i??ll just make it more difficult for

Thereai??i??s no doubt that these girls have worked incredibly hard for this accomplishment. Taking extra classes and doubling up on courses is definitely not an easy task, but the 2017 early graduates have proved it possible! For any students considering this path, make sure to weigh your options carefully, and be sure youai??i??re prepared to take on the challenges.

Congratulations to the graduates – and early graduates – of the amazing Class of 2017!