To all of my little Pumas

Ms. Cheri West, Science Teacher

To all of my little Pumas,

I am absolutely delighted to have had the privilege of watching you all grow up. I’ve seen some unfocused and not so very motivated students find their individual paths. I’ve witnessed snotty little seventh-graders become graciously polite and accepting human beings. I’ve had the pleasure of personally teaching some of you twice and observing firsthand how much you had grown, not only academically, but as individuals.

I lived vicariously at Moving Up Day as 35 of you were called up front to receive scholarships and awards. I almost burst with pride as SIX of you won department awards including a SWEEP of the four core classes! And let me point out that ALL FOUR of the Senior Class officers were previous Pumas, as was the President of Student Council, as was the NHS President (as were many other club and activity officers). Puma Power lives on!

In addition to the innate leadership ability exemplified by so many of you, I’ve enjoyed watching you excel in a wide variety of endeavors from showing off your musical and acting talents to proving your academic and athletic prowess.

I wish Mr. Griswold, Mr. Powers, Mrs. Rivera, and Mrs. Rodas were also able to see you mature into the wonderful young people you’ve become. Being part of the Puma Team was undoubtedly the highlight of my 27-year career here in Stroudsburg and now I know why. You were such a super bright, super nice group of students. And today, I was actually glad that I was summoned back to the High School after I taught you in seventh grade so I could bask in your excellence and see you enter the next chapters of your lives.

You have made me so proud and I know you’ll continue to do so.

You will forever be my favorite class (sorry Class of 94; second place for you now!) Keep in touch, and make sure I get invited to those reunions!

With undying Puma Pride,

Mrs. West

P.S. To all of my other students, I like you too!