Student Government

Adviser: Mr. Andrew Kurnas

President: Jake Rubin
Vice-President: Stacy Young
Treasurer: David Stewart
Secretary: Erin McNamara
Junior Vice-President: Adam DeSchriver

Student Government includes class officers of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes as well asAi??student representatives. Class officers are by default a part of our organization and are an integral part of the club. TheAi??student representatives are elected from the student body and must win their election in May. To become either a class officer or a student representative, you must submit an application form, get approved by an adviser, and then be put on the ballot for the May elections. Only students that complete this process and then win the popular vote will be in Student Government.

Student Government is responsible for a wide array of events and activities in Stroudsburg High School.Ai??Ai??Student Government organizes the following:

The Activities Fair – showcasing clubs and activities from SHS
Homecoming Pep Rally – assembly for school spirit
Homecoming Queen Elections – crowning the queen
Homecoming Dance – celebrating the top 8 nominees for homecoming queen
School Spirit Weeks – dress down and dress up days for fun
Turkey Day Pep Rally – assembly for school spirit
Forum for Candidates – providing an alternative to the candidate “speech”, instead requiring students to answer questions
Elections for the Upcoming Year – providing a fair forum
The Sr. Picnic – an event to celebrate our seniors
The Silent Service Awards – Established in 2014, it is a $250 – $500 award given to a student that has provided service to the school without having received the appropriate attention
Moving Up Day Speech – Our president gives a speech a moving up day to the students and the public

Within Student Government, there are five elected positions that are voted on by members of Student Government only. They are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Jr. Vice President. All positions have slightly different roles and expectations but work as a team to complete the important work of serving our school.

Students may join by running in the school wide elections held each May. Application forms will be available April 22.