Here are the “5 word” contest winners!


Emily Garbarino, Staff Writer

The Mountaineer staff would like to thank everyone who submitted a description of yourself in 5 words or less to our contest. Ai??The response was fabulous. After a great debate, we picked the top 3 responses and 7 other favorites.Ai?? The top 3 choices won gift cards to Wawa.

Top 3 Winners:
Brendan Baxter ~ Slowly falling into the abyss
Ayomiro Aderin ~ First, Stroudsburg. Next, the world
Colleen Hughes~ Hughes the coolest? Coolleen.

7 Favorites:
Jamie Bittiger ~me :)
Warrwn K. Watson~ Biggest Homie of all Time
Asaiil Askari~ I’m 15
Albin Deda~ I just wanted a lollipop
Emilio Arostegui ~ obvious, yet subtle with taste
Christian Beebe~livin’ like larry
Sarah Hauser~Swagalicious
Francis Murphy ~ An all around cool guy