Capture the vibe of Stroudsburg in a Sentence


Kristen Dougher, Staff Writer

Can you describe what Stroudsburg means to you in one spectacular sentence?

Well, that’s your challenge.

The most creative masterpiece will win a prize!

Your sentence can have anything to do with the high school, the community, or anything related to Stroudsburg.

The sentence must be 10 words or less.


Here are some past winners:

-“Potholes, potholes everywhere.”

-“Junior class denied government bailout, Chuck-E-Chesse on the horizon.”

-“Stroudsburg: Not country enough to be redneck, but not urban enough to be ghetto.”

-“Sign up to dance! Sign up to dance!”

-“The first thing I do when I get home from school is fill my bath tub with marinara sauce and pretend I’m a meatball.”