I AM Wall returns at a new location


First day back to work on the “I AM” wall.

Gabrielle Buchanan, Staff Writer

Students get into it, itai??i??s a great positive message,ai??? said Ms. Heidi Rodriguez, a learning support teacher.

With command strips, a Sharpie marker, and a touch of creativity, Rodriguezai??i??s students have created the ai???I AMai??? word wall. In the middle of the wall, in big black letters, are the words, ai???I AM.ai??? Surrounding the giant ai???I AMai??? are positive words that students have written down to describe themselves.

The ai???I AMai??? Wall, which is in its third year at SHS, has become the high schoolai??i??s very own tourist attraction. Students, as well as visitors, continue taking photographs of the colorful display.

ai???I came across it from another school who had it on their school website,ai??? said Rodriguez.

The location of the wall has changed in the last two years. Originally, it was displayed outside of Rodriguez’s classroom; now, it is being created in front of the cafeteria, which should be an even better location in terms of visibility.

The wall has gotten immensely bigger the last two years, and this year will be bigger and better than ever before, with a variety of positive words added.

Rodriguez is excited about the progress of the wall, and she encourages people to come up with fresh creative words.

ai???I would like to continue this as long as I am here!ai??? said Rodriguez.

The strips of paper are used as a math assignment for the Rodriguez’s students. Once the wall is completed, they must count the total number of words posted.

If anyone would like to help contribute to helping the kids and bringing our school community closer, you can donate command poster strips for the ai???I AMai??? Wall. Contact Ms. Rodriguez for more information.

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