Common Grounds is brewing acceptance one cup at a time

Jacob Grieco

There is only marking period left to take advantage of what SHS’s unique coffee shop, Common Grounds, has to offer. Ai??Students and staff who have visited Common Grounds, can attest to theAi??impressive variety of drinks and snacks available at very reasonable prices.

First established inAi??January of 2011 by Ms. Bochon and Ms. McIntyre, their purpose is to teach students with disabilities the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace.

The students learn important life skills such as working as a team, handling money, using a cash register, andAi??communicating with customers.Ai?? These skills and many more are transitioned to real world jobs by Ms.Ai??Scelza. Ai??It is her responsibility to make sure that students are prepared to work at any of the six following locations: GoombasAi??Pizza, Weis, McDonalds,Ai??Borough of Stroudsburg, Grace Park, and TJ Max.

So take advantage of the delicious drinks and snacks at Common Grounds. which is open daily for the first three periods of the day.