SHS athletic trainer nominated for the prestigious Newell Award


Taylor Craig, Staff Writer

Stroudsburg High School is full of quality athletic teams. Ai??They work hard all year round to achieve success. Ai??But that success sometimes comes at a price — the dreaded injuries.

When athletes get injured and need help, there is one key person that can always turn to at SHS: athletic trainer Mr. Matt Shelton. Ai??He helps student athletes with their needs throughout the season. Athletes can rely on him for advice, support, therapy, and more whenever they are experiencing any pain, or if something is not feeling right.

Shelton also makes sure each individual team has things needed for them, such as water, ice, and a medical kit. His efforts enable the teams to do their best to reach their potential.

For his efforts, Shelton has recently been nominated for the 2017-2018 Newell Award. Athletic trainers are nominated for the award by local orthopedic practices for their ai???tireless commitmentai??? and examples of ai???service, leadership, and shared experiences from community

According to Shelton, ai???seeing student athletes overcome an injury and get back on the fieldai??? is the favorite part of his job.

Being an athletic trainer comes with it own set of challenges, as well.

ai???Itai??i??s difficult to have to prioritize one team over another,ai??? Shelton said. Ai??His goal is to be as fair as possible to all teams and all individuals.

The winner of the Newell Award will be announced in the spring 2018.