Chorale chooses challenging music to wow its audiences


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Brooke Givens, Staff Writer

Chorale is a musical group where students come together to do what they love most: sing. Students in this club indulge in different styles of music, such as Acapella, Pentatonix covers, jazz, and much more.

This group is made up of 30 students who must pass an audition. Each year, leaders from all three grades are elected to direct not only Chorale but Show Choir and Concert Choir. This yearai??i??s senior leaders are Charlie Goehl (president), Eric Cravata (vice President), Abby Thornton (secretary), Justin Patterson (treasurer), Ai??and Acadia Holbert (librarian).

Junior representatives are Ashley Reinhardt, Grace Gilbertsen, and Tessa Whitely. Sophomore representatives are Noah Cook, Haleigh Longo, and Vasilia Briegel. All six of these underclassmen leaders were given the opportunity to be elected as leaders of their classes — looking up to their senior leaders as mentors for their year of leadership.

These select groups of students are, in a sense, the face of the program. Ai??They take part in leading in a variety of ways. For example, they lead vocal warm-ups.

ai???Chorale is an extracurricular choir where we sing challenging music, and grow as musicians and people,ai??? said Goehl.

Ms. Janice Lee (choir director) has numerous events planned for their busiest time of the year — the Christmas season. Events including Music Fest, the Holiday Concert, Kirk Village, the March concert, the Extracurricular concert, and graduation. Along with performing for the school, Chorale also uses its music to give back to the community. They perform at local churches, such as Christ Hamilton Church, nursing homes, and academic award ceremonies.

Ms. Lee has been the Stroudsburg chorus director since 1994, and the choir director of Chorale since 1998. Lee has high expectations for this program for the future.Ai??

ai???I hope itai??i??s still thriving, and performing more in our she said.

The group meets every Tuesday after school until 4:00 p.m. in the chorus room.