Bringing life through ceramics and sculpturing


Cory Delossantos, Staff Writer

Don’t forget to bring your unbounded confidence and imagination when coming into Ceramics and Sculpturing class! This is the type class for people that want no restrictions on them telling what is right or wrong. In here, you can shine with everyone with nothing stopping you.

The Advisers for Art are Ms. McKain, Ms. Baughman, and Ms. Monczewski. Both classes meet everyday and is always packed. While the Ceramics classes are half year courses, Sculpture classes all full courses. They usually work on sculpturing and/or three dimensional subtractive carving.

“Art is inherent to mankind,” said teacher Anna Baughman, one of the three art teachers. “Of course, clay is used throughout the world and has been used since the beginning of civilization. I guess it just comes naturally to us all!” 

While it may sound like an extra class just to take for fun, the state of Pennsylvania made this class part of their curriculum.

With the help of the art teachers, a Pare Portfolio can be made and presented to art schools which would help to apply for scholarships (Portfolio takes at least 3 years to make).

While students are allowed to keep the objects they made in class, they are also given the chance to showcase their work in different types of places like banks, ESU (East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania), Churches, and/or yearly art shows that happen in Stroudsburg. The projects are graded non- subjectively, by a rubric. Which means the students grade their own work with honesty to get a grade they deserve. The ceramics/sculpture class is always in room F -103, in the art hallway.