How to start the new year and still have money in your pocket

How to start the new year and still have money in your pocket

Caeley Hank, Staff Writer

The holiday money-madness,Ai??spending spree is over.Ai?? So, the question many teens must ask themselves is, “Were we “Smart Shoppers?” Will we still have a few coins jingling our their pockets in the new year?”

Smart shopping is evolving as a way of life for avid shoppers,Ai??especially during the holidays. Smart shopping can be defined as sale hunting, price matching, couponing, and setting personal budgets.Ai?? Students can find great deals in stores and online.

If students are smart about spending, they can actually buy great presents and still have a little money left to enjoy in the new year.Ai??

During the holiday season, most teenagers get caught up gift shopping and spending on expensive, popular items. For teenagers who go to school and work part-time, having a significant chunk of change in their pockets can be a challenge. Budgeting can help a lot of students manage their money sensibly and not end up broke by the beginning of the new year.

Before a student even sets foot into a store, planning ahead by scoping out deals beforehand can be very helpful. Many stores have clearance sections, which can be a student’s best friend. Also, patience is a virtue. If students wait long enough, the items they are dying to buy will most likely go on sale for 20 percent off, or even more.

Also, students looking to save a pretty penny should try out online shopping. A lot of the time,Ai??teens can find better deals online than in stores.Ai?? Students should also be mindful of online coupon codes, which can save them money.Ai??Ai??Coupon codes can be found in the simplest places and are often overlooked.

Teens should also consider, via email, subscribing to their favorite stores online.Ai?? The businesses will send updates on daily and weekly sales, as well as coupons.

Often, students forget that they can save money simply because they are students. If they present their ID at some major stores, they will often receive discounts — a reward for simply for there shopping there.

Students should absolutely set-up a savings account in a local bank,” said teacher Ms. Jodie Haggerty. ” From there, investing their money in CDai??i??s could help keep their funds out of their reach for an extended period of time.”

Sometimes money can burn a hole in young people’s pockets. But having an account where a portion of money is off limits can be helpful.

“Students need to discipline themselves by using a simple divide like 60% save and 40% spend. Ai??This way they still enjoy their money, while at the same time saving for the future.” added Haggerty.

Below is a link to help teenagers take a new look at how they are spending their money and how to save it. Also, an unappreciated site which and also be downloaded as an app is “Retail Me Not.” Simply type in the store you are shopping at, and find quick coupons use!