Valentines Day Pickup Line Contest ~ Win a Prize


Kayliegh Trunfio, Seth Alkhuja, Staff Writers

Do you have a date for February 14? If not, then you have to warm up on your pickup lines!Ai?? Here is the chance to share your most creative pickup lines, and come up with some new ones.

Submit your best lines in the “Comment” section below.

The three winners will receive a prize on February 13, just in time to use them on your soon-to-be Valentine!

Here are last year’s winners:

Me: ai???Excuse me you dropped *points at the ground* Her: ai???What?ai??? *looks* Me: ai???Your standards. Hi, Iai??i??m

Justin Schwartz, senior

If I told you that you had a great figure, would you hold it against me?

Mr. Steen, teacher

You better callAi??Life Alert because Iai??i??ve fallen for you and I canai??i??t get up.

Erica Molinaro, senior