50 Days Until Mini-THON – Update


Emily Garbarino, Staff Writer

Mini-THON is quickly approaching us! Itai??i??s only 50 days away. In preparation for May 11-12th, mini-THON executives have been putting together various fundraisers and events. This past Monday, donor drive links went live so all participants can sign up and start raising money for the event. You have until April 10th to sign up on donor drive and the minimum that you have to raise is only $45! When signing up for donor drive you can either go to the Stroudsburg Mini-THON website (linked below) or screen shot the snapcode on Snapchat to get to the donor drive. Once there you can either log in to your account from last year or ,if itai??i??s your first mini-THON, you can make your donor drive account.

Also, Mini-THON is having a t-shirt design contest where you can design the shirt for our mini-THON. The deadline for the t-shirt design contest is April 4th so hurry and get your designs in before the deadline!

Mini-THON has their annual read-a-thon approaching on Thursday March 29th. It is a day where you can grab a book and a blanket and head to the library during any of your free periods.
Remember our mini-THON is only a few weeks away so start fundraising now!

Stroudsburg Mini-THON website:

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