College visits for students


Tanajah Rieara , Staff writer

College visits are a big part of your high school career. Although everyone starts at different times its good to try and start as early as the summer before junior year.

“Its never too late”, our principal Jeffrey Sodl says. Mr. Sodl recommends that you start early with the college search and conversation. Find out the college’s location, size of school, what major you’re interested in, and what your family can afford.

To help you in this process, our school offers seniors 3 excused absence days for college visits. The forms are very similar to educational trip forms and are available in the main office.

“For seniors that may be late in this process,” Mr. Sodl replied, when asked about why seniors are offered college visits throughout the school year.

Use the guidance office for information, don’t wait to take your SAT and ACT, and do as well as you can in high school.”

For sophomores and juniors wanting to start early and start visiting colleges throughout the school year, just fill out an educational trip form and it will be an excused absence. Make sure to go to the office and pick up a form today.

Overall, Stroudsburg does a great job of carving their students’ future path by offering multiple electives in class, as well as an efficient college visiting program. Good luck to all sophomores and juniors with raising their GPA, standardized test scores, and finding a future college. Also, good luck to all seniors finding their perfect place!