Students entertain the community for Best Buddies

Karissa Belzer, Staff writer

Last Friday, the Best Buddies held a local variety show. Members of the club dressed up as characters from the Lion King and performed a reenactment of the popular movie.

The students spent hours preparing for the show. Tutus, character headbands, and many more props were created for the show.

Junior Joanna Chen, was one of the prop creators. “Making tutus was stressful,” she commented. The weeks before the show she spent much of her time in the library contributing to the prop stash in preparation for Friday.

Best Buddies helped the show promote the club’s goal. With enthusiasm, Joanna Chen told me the club’s purpose. “Our goal is to promote respect, inclusion, diversity, and equality!”

If you are interested in joining Best Buddies next year or have any questions, contact co-adviser Ms. Sherri McIntyre.