Ethan Balcik

Ethan Balcik

Shu-yu Chen, Staff Writer

Ethan Balcik, a senior at Stroudsburg High School, has 2 Youtube channels (the other being SBURG MINITHON). His personal channel (Ethan Balcik) largely focuses on himself and his hobbies. His channel was recently started on July 15, 2017 with over 150 subscribers, 7,300 views, and 12 videos (as of April 2018). Despite being relatively new, he keeps his fans engaged through out-of-school film projects he enjoys making.

Balcik’s channel consists of snowboarding tricks, wrestling highlight reels, and some Stroudsburg High School promo videos. The videos he makes are well edited, stylish, and amazing to watch! Definitely check this channel out if you are interested in well recorded videos of Ethan Balcik’s hobbies, as well as related Stroudsburg content!

His fan favorite videos are: “Mid-Season at Mid Boulder Park”, “Camelback Night Sesh 2018”, and “‘This Is Me’ | Stroudsburg High School Best Buddies”.

Check out his channel: