Terrapin Rider

Terrapin Rider

Shu-yu Chen, Staff Writer

Kieran Dougher, a junior at Stroudsburg High School, created the channel Terrapin Rider to post quality gaming and Fortnite videos. His channel was created just recently on March 20, 2018, Despite only being created a few months ago, he gained over 25 subscribers, over 280 views, and he has uploaded over 20 videos. He consistently uploads a few times a week.

Most of his content right now is about Fortnite Battle Royal, where he plays while doing a live voice-over. He plans on recording and playing new games in the future. He tries to form a tight bond with his subscribers and wants to grow a strong community through his channel. Definitely check his channel out if you’re a Fortnite enthusiast who wants to see intense, enjoyable gaming!

Some of his fan favorite videos are: “Fortnite Compilation *New Weapons Gameplay- Intense Fights”, “Fortnite Compilation Road To 100!!”, and “Fortnite Crazy Duo – Clutch Win -10+ Kills”

Check his channel out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYyNCZrEMy7DzfOijKBWrDQ