Aevidum closes out the year!


Taylor Miller, Staff Writer

Last Friday, May 25, Aevidum hosted their end-of-year lock-in!

A lock-in is a gathering hosted by a group or organization to provide a safe and supervised way for youth to become empowered and create cultures of care and advocacy in schools across the nation.

Students gathered together in fellowship and fun to continue the conversation about “I’ve got your back.”

Joining Ms. Tkach and Ms. Laskowski, was Ms. Gullion who works at the junior high school. She came in to discuss the topic of Thirteen Reasons Why, and the stigmas surrounding it.

Along with the seriousness, came the fun. The group enjoyed some food, watched a movie, and meditated outside.

As a group, they strengthened their bonds and discussed what they’ve accomplished this year, and their goals for the next.

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