SHS students specialize in school spirit


Gianna Roselle

Mountie Maniacs!

Brianna Mydosh, Staff Writer

Dress downs, pep rallies, and music on Fridays: Stroudsburg High School is starting off the new school year with school spirit like no other school! Fans at football games have shown great school spirit. Many students have gone to great extents for a variety of school themes.

For football games, Mounties are covered with glitter and paint. Their clothes are decked out for the themes like blackouts or whiteouts. As the game goes on, tons of students cheer on their team. The Mounties Maniacs are not the only ones showing support: the Marching Band and Cheerleaders show terrific support as well.

The variety of school spirit is apparent at SHS.

“I believe the spirit is better than ever!” said SHS principal Mr. Jeffrey Sodl, who loves that students are so supportive of the different extra curricular activities and events at SHS.

Although the school shows a lot of support at football games, there are other school events that show as much, if not more, school spirit. Such events include Mini-THON, Homecoming, or even on Fridays, when the school plays music in the hallways.

Every Friday, Stroudsburg plays music in the hallways between each period. This is to hype up the student body for football games or the school day. 

“Music in the halls motivates me to come into school even when I don’t want to,” said junior Zoe Stevens. 

Stroudsburg High’s excitement and motivation are what make it such a success.