Teachers create new classes, students provide input


Isabella Pretell, Staff Writer

Nearly every year, new classes are added to Stroudsburg High School’s educational curriculum, providing students with more options when scheduling classes.

Throughout the school year, teachers in different departments meet regularly to discuss a variety of topics, including the possibility of creating new classes that will benefit the student body.

If there is a common consensus among teachers that a new class should be created, teachers fill out administrative paperwork and submit it to the school board. If the school boards approves the new class proposal, then the course will be included in the curriculum and offered the following school year.

Several new classes have recently been added. These include Statistical Reasoning, Pop Culture, Forensic Science, as well as others.

Forensic Science is a great example of a success story. Created by Mr. Jim Bruski and Mr. David Hakim, the course boasted two sections when it started out 2007. Currently, the number has climbed to eight.

If students ever have ideas for new classes, they should mention them to their teachers. They may actually embrace the idea and create a course in the near future.