Junior Class Update: October

Mara Batt, Staff writer

The Junior class has a lot to live up to after a successful sophomore year.

ai???This class is more determined than any other class Iai??i??ve advised over the past 18 years,ai??? said junior class adviser Mrs. Batt. Ai??

Clearly, the class of 2017 has a lot to live up to after a very successful sophomore year. Ai??Last year, they claimed first place at homecoming and secured consecutive wins in class fundraising competitions.

ai???The class of 2017 has consistent and dedicated people in leadership positions,ai??? said Batt. Class officers include president Taylor Flanagan, vice president Sydney Fritz, treasurer Brett Yarnall and secretary Lena Morella. There is also a plethora of hard-working students and their parents who attend every single function.

The juniors just finished a krispy kreme sale. There will be a Moeai??i??s night on December 16 and breakfast with santa December 12. The annual haunted woods, now called The Haunted Hills, will be coming back this halloween, October 31.

ai???The Haunted Hills are a great example of how our school can benefit the community,ai??? said class president Taylor Flanagan. ai???Everyoneai??i??s Ai??welcome! So invite your friends, family, neighbors, etc., to come out and enjoy a spooky night of fun.ai???

Float building started on October 2, and will be almost everyday after school and on weekends.

ai???We have been very lucky to have the cooperation of Mr. Leon Clapper and his heated, spacious warehouse to build float in,ai??? said Batt. ai???We have the advantage of being able to store supplies in the same place from year to year.ai???

All juniors are encouraged to participate. Ai??If students are interested in helping, they can get directions from any class officer or stop by Mrs. Battai??i??s room, C-121.