Vegetarian Club enlightens students about alternate eating habits


Gabriella Wallace, Staff Writer

In todayai??i??s society, a lot of the American population are on some sort of diet. Their diet can range from only eating grilled meat to eating no meat at all.

One diet, in particular, that is becoming more popular is vegetarianism; there are about 7.3 million Americans who are vegetarian and an additional 22.8 million who follow a vegetarian-based diet.

ai???You eat and enjoy a lot of foods that you donai??i??t even realize are vegan foods,ai??? said senior Alexa Vaghenas. She is member of SHSai??i??s Vegan & Vegetarian Club, advised by SHS librarian Mr. Bill Lowenburg.

Since the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle/diet has become more popular, it should come as no big surprise that SHS has a Veg Club that has been growing each year.

ai???This club is for anyone who would like to learn more about vegan and vegetarian living,ai??? said Lowenburg.

The point is that meat eaters are welcome to join. In fact, half of the people that came to the first Veg Club meeting were meat lovers who were just interested in learning about an alternative diet.

One of the goals of Veg club is to help teach people the importance of learning how to make the diet changes, if they should, in fact, decide to become vegetarians. For example, if students donai??i??t eat certain food, they can run the risk of their hemoglobin sinking to a level that is unhealthy.

ai???This is my first time at Veg Club, and it honestly showed me how great it would be if I stopped eating meat,ai??? said senior Tyler Garlin.

This year the clubai??i??s goal is to be better than ever. Lowenburg plans on hopefully going on roadtrips, having a movie viewing for this one documentary that will open so many people’s eyes, Cowspiracy, and a lot lot more.

ai???I enjoy Veg Club because it gives me a chance to spread awareness about the benefits of becoming vegetarian,ai??? said senior Nell Kopytnik, a club representative.

The meetings are twice a month on Thursdays in the library from 2:30-3:30. The next club meeting is on October 22, 2015. If there are any questions, Mr. Lowenburg is always willing to answer them or email them at [email protected].