Social studies teacher publishes children’s book

Students or Staff can purchase the book as a christmas gift from Mrs.Lobasso’s in room B104


Photograph by Vanessa Alexandre

Kimberly Sanchez, Staff Writer

Social studies teacher Ms. Jennifer Lobasso has recently published a book called, My Brother Ate My Homework. It is a children’s book and the main theme in the book is help children understand that while they may make mistakes, it is possible to make up for them.

The book is about Chase, who has a social studies project. He builds a sculpture of Abraham Lincoln made out of candy. In the middle of the night, Chase’s brother eats it, and the next day Chase tells his teacher, “My brother ate me homework.” Faced with guilt, he figures out a way to fix the problem. The moral of the story is that everyone makes mistakes, but one should learn from them instead of just saying sorry. 

“I was inspired to write the book based on the antics of my two sons, who are feature characters in the book,” said Lobasso. Beyond the lessons taught, the book showcases a special bond between the characters. 

After a year and a half of hard work, the book was recently published on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A- Million. To purchase a book, order it directly from Lobasso for $10.00 by using the contact information located below.You can also buy it today in her classroom for $10.00 as well. 

For more information contact:

Ms. Jennifer Lobasso

SHS Room:B104

Email: [email protected]