The Mountaineer newspaper earns Audience Engagement Badge!

The Mountaineer newspaper earned its first-ever Audience Engagement Badge from the Scholastic Newspaper Organization this December!

The SHS newspaper achieved this prestigious award by meeting a minimum traffic threshold, posting on social media on a daily basis, and maintaining more than 1,000 followers combined on two social media accounts.

The Mountaineer’s Instagram and Twitter accounts have more than 1,000 followers combined. In addition, over the past couple of months, on a monthly basis, the Mountaineer has received more than 9,000 unique visitors (the number of new people visiting the Mountaineer) and 29,000 page views (the number of people visiting pages/features/posts on the Mountaineer).

In order to achieve this badge, a newspaper must have at least 1,000 unique visitors and 5,000 page views on a monthly basis.  But with hard work and dedication from the entire staff, this badge requirement was over-exceeded.

To achieve this award, the newspaper staff has been posting new stories, features, and content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on a daily basis.

The newspaper staff members have created social media posters and have hung them throughout the halls of SHS.  

Each poster contains all of their important contact information. Students and staff are encouraged to jump on the Mountaineer’s award-winning Audience Engagement Badge bandwagon.

Look for signs in a hallway near you, then follow and share these contacts with as many friends as possible.

Instagram: @shsmountaineer

Twitter: @SHSmountaineer

Facebook: @shsmountaineer

Snapchat: @shsmountaineer

Email:@[email protected]