Enjoy the SHS Talent Show this Friday at 7:00 p.m.

There is still time to sign up and shine


Photo by Alanna Christman

Alanna Christman, Staff Writer

There’s a talent sparkling in every teen — they just have to be brave enough to know it and show it!

Stroudsburg High School’s Talent Show starts at 7 p.m. this Friday, March 8 in the SHS auditorium.

“So far we have a variety of acts— singers, musicians, magicians, and more,” said the organizer of the event, Ms. Shari Griswold.

There are currently about eight performers, and there is room for more. Contact Griswold in room C125 to either sign up or get more information.

“I would absolutely recommend to others to do the talent show,” said senior Dylan Arcuri-Hagerty, who’s performing in the talent show with a guitar song. “But only if they feel confident that they are able to do their talent effectively.”

Arcuri-Hagerty mentioned that because it’s his senior year and he wants to take the last opportunity available to perform for his fellow classmates. “I’ll never get a chance to perform for my peers again in the school,” Dylan said. “I love the fact that I will get to show a talent to people that don’t know I can play guitar.”

Another participant in the talent show had a more simple reason for performing. “I am planning to sing,” said junior Filipka Misurella, “because I believe that I have a good voice.”

For the talented students who need a bigger reason, there will be a large trophy given out to the winner of the night’s People’s Choice award. Want to win? Again, go see Griswold to become a part of this spirited event in c125.

Every student who participates has the chance to win. It’s more fulfilling than some may realize.

“I love seeing what everyone else can do. Some people are very surprising,” said junior Gem McCabe, who plans on performing a vocal/piano piece he wrote himself called, “Torturous.”

Junior Noah Cook also believes in the magic of the talent show. “My favorite part of participating in the talent show is that I get to do something I love so much, and show everyone something that I’ve been trying to show for years,” said Noah. He plans on entertaining with a magic act including salt, rubix cubes, and a penny. “There are so many amazing talents that are being shown. I would say it’s definitely something to come out and see!”

The SHS talent show has the potential to give more than it has in the past. Each talent counts, and every student matters.

“I love taking any opportunity to showcase my music because it’s not often a teenager has the ability to perform original songs for an audience,” said McCabe. “I love performing on stage. It’s thrilling no matter the circumstance.”

A popular reason to participate in a talent show is to show off one’s abilities, but there are many other reasons, such as winning.

“I’ve never done it before,” said junior Helana Hunter. “I just want to do it to beat Noah.”

Either way, the talent show is a place for any SHS Student brave enough to get on stage.

McCabe provided another reason why he thinks students should attend: “I’d encourage them to come if they can, it’s a great way to support their peers and have a good time. People are putting themselves out there for your entertainment, why not enjoy the show?”