March Madness Giraffe Contest: Take a photo with Ralph!

Win some free popcorn from Popcorn Buddha. . .


Photograph by Bryanna Morykan

Alanna Christman, Staff Writer

Take a photo with Ralph the Giraffe and DM it to any of our social media accounts(@’s below) for the chance to win a Popcorn Buddha gift card!

NOTE: If any students would like their photo included in the Mountaineer‘s Giraffe contest photo gallery, let us know when sending us the photo. If any staff members took the photo for you, let them know if you’d like to be included while taking it.

You’ll hear the contest winners on the announcements, and the newspaper staff will make sure it gets to each and every one of the winners!

If you see Ralph the Giraffe around the halls, make sure to snap a picture with him by March 13!

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