Students spread positivity with “I AM” word wall


The Word Wall as of October 2015.

Brianna Cummings, Staff Writer

When students and staff pass by room D-201, they should prepare to be amazed. Ms. Heidi Rodriguez’s Learning Support class has done something special.

With construction paper, a Sharpie marker and a touch of creativity, Rodriguez’s students have created the “I AM” word wall. In the middle of the wall, in big black letters, are the words, “I AM.” Surrounding the giant “I AM”, are positive words that students have written down to describe themselves.

“Typically with special disabilities comes stereotypes,” said Rodriguez.

“We did a lesson on stereotypes and they had an idea to create the word wall. It has gone from a few words to many.”

— Ms. Rodriguez

Words range from “Legend” to “Batman.” One of the more popular words is “creative”, which aptly describes these imaginative students. The students have already enlisted the help of Best Buddies and many others to contribute to their wall.

“We went out in the hallway between periods and asked people to write positive things about themselves,” said Kaylee Neglia, a student in Rodriguez’s class.

If students would like to add to the wall, they should go to room D-201 and they will be given a sharpie and a strip of construction paper. They should make sure to arrive with a positive and creative word in mind.

Check out the word wall and create some words! Check out the photo gallery below for the progress.