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Photograph by Cassie Oppelt

Students are working on the yearbook.

Kimberly Sanchez, Staff Writer

You flip through your yearbook and see the laughing faces of your classmates. Among them, you spot yourself wearing braces and the old big framed glasses. Homecoming. You smile as you remember the amazing time you had back in the day.

Well, now is the time to buy your book filled with priceless high school memories. Yearbooks can be ordered online on the high school website, over the phone, and over the mail as well. Right now the price is at $75 per volume.

Every year Stroudsburg High School produces an amazing and colorful yearbook. The students responsible for creating this publication work very hard in the yearbook class.

Students in this class are responsible for taking pictures to capture the most important and fun events held in Stroudsburg. It’s significant to capture these beautiful high school memories so that years from now students can look back and reminisce about the good old days.

“Yes, I enjoy working with our students,” said adviser Ms. Anna Baugham.  “I love to see them excited about their work and proud of their accomplishments.”

Every year the yearbook develops a theme. This year’s theme is “Leaving our Mark.”

“Something that is fun in this is working with staff to create some great photos” said junior Faith Leviner.

It is a big task to put all of the pictures together and making it look nice.

“We categorize the pictures by activities, events, and things that happen in the school” said Baughman.

“We also learn how to use Photoshop and also computer usage as well, and how to work together” said yearbook president Madison Stewart, a senior.

It is a group effort and there are no individual tasks. The staff members all help each other.

“We put in lots of pictures,” said senior Josephine Sweeney. We put in group pictures to try to put in a lot of people as we can.” 

To order your yearbook, go to this link:  Yearbook Order Form 2019

Adviser Mrs.Anna Baughman: [email protected]

Yearbook President Madison Stewart: [email protected]