State Representative Rosemary Brown visits Stroudsburg High School

Nicole Sanzi and Helana Hunter , Staff Writer and Photographer

State Representative, Ms. Rosemary Brown visited Stroudsburg High School on Friday, March 22 to visit the Common Grounds, Common Threads, and STEM programs. Her purpose in coming was to evaluate the way schools are preparing students on career readiness.

Brown passed by Common Grounds, the school’s coffee shop where young adults with disabilities are given the opportunity to learn life skills for the workforce. The menu offers a wide selection to students and most items are within one to two dollars. 

Next, Brown walked down to the lower level of the school to see Common Threads, SHS’s in-school thrift shop. Students work to tag clothing, clean laundry, and work the cash register.

Lastly, the STEM programs include robotics courses, 3-D printing, mechanical engineering, and many more options for students.

The State Representative said she is highly impressed with what SHS has to offer.

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