Senior Artist Cassandra Shands

April 5, 2019

Cassandra Shands is a senior artist in Art 4 at Stroudsburg High School. She began taking art classes in school during 9th grade when she felt that she was finally ready to develop her creative eyes.

When asked what gave her inspiration, she stated that she doesn’t believe she has one form of inspiration. “I have a hard time coming up with ideas most of the time. I just ponder for a while and process ideas as they come,” said Shands.

However, Shands still hopes that others may be able to find inspiration in art.

“I just want people to appreciate the artistic ability. People think art is easy and not as important as core classes, but art takes a lot of time and effort.” Shands shares her hope that people will see that art isn’t as easy as others may assume, but like everything, if you work at it you will improve.

“It has taken me a long time to be proud of the work I do, and even now I don’t always do good work but there is ways something to learn and I want people to see that art isn’t hard if you keep trying.”

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