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The Moon written by junior Valerie Camacho

If I am the sun and you are the moon,
Then I will die everyday to let you breathe.
I will put out my light at night,
So that you can shine like the stars at night.

Being so beautiful and shining so bright,
And yet being so unaware of it.
If I could give you the stars,
I would only to put a smile on your face.

You wish to be as loved and adored,
As all the stars in the universe around you.
But what you don’t see,
Is how envied you really are.

Yes the stars are loved,
But only for their light
Yes the planets are loved,
But only for their appearances.

But you are the moon,
Loved for so many things.
You have flaws,
And they are loved.

Loved in every way possible,
Just like you.

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