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Feelings On The Surface written by senior Kasim Petersen

They told me you were different, but I didn’t believe them.

Now I sit here in this maze, you got me believing.

When I find my way to your heart…

My love won’t stop.

And I mean forever.

That’s til mine stops.

I’ll take nine shots.

Starve for you, while I watch you eat.

Just so I know you’re in a happy place.

But I know you’ll be willing to sacrifice the same…

I want to put you on a shelf, but not just for show.

Talk your feelings on the daily.

You are so bold, that’s why I’m trying to crack your code.

But you don’t want me arrested.

You a little nervous, and scared of neglection.

So we gonna take it slow, and let this happen…


How you grow so fast on me?

Went from friend.

To best friend.

Then BaeFriend.

I want more.

Chill on the low, all the love I could pour

Would have you drowning.

I’ll give you a thousand…


No call I am missing.

You’re not like the rest, it’s hard to stay distant.

Don’t swim in the sea, so I’m not for these fishes.

Will you be my Mrs.?

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